Peace brings peace

Publish date 27-07-2022

by Redazione Sermig

On Monday 28 February the children of the Arsenale della Piazza with their families, friends and young people from Sermig reached the Municipality of Turin to deliver the Sermig Peace Flag to the mayor of the city, Stefano Lo Russo, to the president of the City Council and the group leaders of the city assembly.

The Arsenale della Piazza welcomes more than two hundred children, from over 20 countries, who learn every day on their skin of different colors that only peace can guarantee a present and a dignified future for all peoples . In the midst of dozens of peace flags, the children themselves wanted to expose their thoughts and reflections to the mayor and representatives of all parties, declaring their commitment to peace and asking the politicians present to do the same. br />
Marwa I want peace because war is bad, for me peace is a beautiful thing where everyone is happy and content and I can play with my friends.

Nada For me, peace is what we create without labeling people according to their origin or their culture. It is being able to feel safe even outside our homes. Peace is what we are losing today due to these continuing conflicts and which we absolutely need to rediscover.

Zainab Peace for me is love in your heart, it is something that enters your heart forever, because peace is a beautiful thing that makes you happy and moves you.

Soulafa For me, peace is the tranquility and serenity of people. It also means being kind, wanting somebody good, being generous, being good with people who give us good, because there is not always good, but also evil, therefore, I, indeed we, must remedy and always believe in it.

Sara I want peace because seeing people die does not make me feel good and while men are killing themselves, the bombings destroy the homes of children who suffer without parents and this makes me feel bad. I saw that there is nothing I can do, but I would like to talk to those children and console them.

Ameer Peace means loving each other, not excluding others, we hope that Russia and Ukraine make peace. Getting peace is possible, it's my dream and I believe in it. I'm afraid of war, my dream is that we will soon return to live all serene.
Camilla We young people want peace, which starts with our concrete actions. If we truly want a better future, we must cultivate peace in the present, in our hearts. From now on we believe that there is no longer a just war, nor a wrong peace.

Stella For me, peace is happiness, friendship and tranquility. I like people who smile, play together and help people who have been hurt and who have difficulties. The thing I'm afraid of is hate, I don't like people who argue or insult each other, I want people to be friends with each other.

By the Editors
NP March 2022

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