Normality together

Publish date 22-10-2020

by Ale & Eva

Months have passed in which the normality of family life has "reduced", almost "condensed". For someone in a few square meters, in any case in relationships modified in ways previously unknown or mocked as "not true". All of a sudden, away to a new normal. Mostly a new beginning.

But many of us felt the pinch. Those who are too used to this condensed life (little desire to go out again, little effort in looking for opportunities to "see each other closely"), those who are hungry for what was there before: disregard of the recommendation to prudence, desire to demonstrate there is a "life to live" ... and to live it there seems to be only one way, that "as before".

Yet family life is full of moments like the one we have lived: one day you get married and grow in responsibility. One day you become a parent and put resources into play that you never imagined you had. And the new normal is created day after day. Together.

NP august - september 2020

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