Long live the platypus!

Publish date 09-02-2022

by Redazione Sermig

There are not many clans, there are only two: yours and that of the enemies. The clan is that warm and welcoming place that we humans have created to support the right team for us, and above all to indign ourselves together for the offenses received by the opposing clan. But there are also those who live uncomfortable in the world of pros and cons, and are looking for an alternative ». This is what the actor Giovanni Scifoni decided to do in his latest book Without offending anyone. Whoever does not take sides is lost.

It is an animal that lives only in Australia so strange that the same scholars did not know how to classify it within the animal world. A little duck, a little beaver. For this reason, many thought it didn't exist. Many people are like the platypus, they are unclassifiable. They have no reference teams, they do not wear jerseys and for this reason the others do not trust them because they cannot understand them. What world are you from? This is the best question to prevent you from truly knowing people. Splitting into supporters is a way of not being alone.
This is the great fear that prevents us from being ourselves because if you don't continually reproduce your choices, you disorient your friends. The mechanism is highlighted in an amplified manner in social networks. Fans always expect the same opinions and behaviors from you. Otherwise, you suddenly lose your entire fan base. Let's free ourselves from the fear of loneliness, otherwise we will never know how to surprise ourselves and be surprising. Today, being a platypus means struggling four times to get results. The opposition has always been in history: from Romulus to Remus. We all feel the need to cling to a herd but we risk becoming slaves to the herd, usually we are not welcomed as we really are.

"What can you do with everything that happens to you?" Don Fabio Rosini always tells me this when I happen to complain. On the contrary, it is necessary to start from what I am and do. Often we want to legitimize ourselves with ideologies whose adhesion reassures us by providing us with valid explanations for every occasion. But is this really the case? Are there explanations for everything? Are simple recipes enough to understand everything? It is not
so, the reality is complex, it is not possible to solve everything in black and white. In my book I want to tell the discomfort of those who do not accept being pigeonholed and harnessed.

I chose to be an actor since I was a child because I have always been self-centered. Then I think that God wanted to put something else inside my self-centeredness. Being an artist for me is a profession, I don't see it as a vocation. I am the fourth of six children and in order to emerge and get noticed I had to invent something in the family. The Ego is very dangerous, because to get more laughter and be more successful it risks taking inappropriate paths. You have to live with the frustration, which at the moment suffered a lot but which, in the long run, was decisive for me to grow and improve.

In my life, at a certain point, I realized that I could keep my spiritual life together with my artistic one. First I kept them at a distance because I was afraid of reactions, then I saw Don Rosini's The last seven words of Christ and I understood that I could bring on stage what really moved me. It was not easy because for many critics mine was a parish theater. There is a very strong sectoriality but sometimes it happens that something gets jammed and very nice unexpected events can happen.

Irony is a double-edged sword. There are so many ways to laugh and so many forms of comedy. From entertainment to satire, which I find exclusionary, however, because there is a community that laughs at someone, not with him but at him. There is also an inclusive comedy in which we identify with the comedian and so we can laugh at ourselves and at our frailties. This is good for us because by laughing at our limitations, we can identify them and face them.

by the Editors
NP November 2021

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