The poor banker

Publish date 09-11-2022

by Annamaria Gobbato

Like a beautiful olive tree

Publish date 08-11-2022

by Flaminia Morandi

For a free heart

Publish date 07-11-2022

by Cesare Falletti

Muhammad Yunus ospite all'Università del Dialogo - SERMIG

Publish date 07-11-2022

by redazione Unidialogo In Sessione 2022-2023 Sessione 2022-2023

Giovanni Damasceno

Publish date 06-11-2022

by Chiara Dal Corso

The thirsty Samaritan woman

Publish date 06-11-2022

by Anna Maria Del Prete

Design the environment we need

Publish date 05-11-2022

by Redazione Sermig

Something beautiful

Publish date 04-11-2022

by Maria Claudia Brunello In Arsenal of Harmony Arsenal of Harmony


Publish date 03-11-2022

by Alberto Brigato

Finally open day

Publish date 02-11-2022

by Arsenale dell’Incontro In Meeting Point Arsenal Meeting Point Arsenal

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