Spirituality and peace

We dedicate our life and our prayer to fighting against the shadow of war, hunger, unemployment and apathy, and especially against the shadows within us, so that peace can flourish among men as a gift of God.
Peace is possible, but people should commit to it. Peace will be real when reconciliation, forgiveness, respect, harmony and goodwill are real, and hate disappears.
We commit to peace with all our hearts, free of words like "enemy", "anger" and "possesion", and full of forgiveness.
The choice of good makes people meet and turns them into seekers of justice.
People of goodwill are never strangers, anywhere and to anyone.
Goodness is disarming. It puts people before any interest and promotes dialogue over rivalry. It makes people meet, beyond any difference, and shows that differences are actually a treasure and a resource for growth.

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