Our philosophy

- love with your whole heart, as God does
- reciprocate evil with good
- spread goodness that disarms
- accept the unexpected
- accept difference
- abandon yourself to faith, unconditionally, like Mary
- share with joy
- contribute with what you have, because single drops, together, form an entire ocean
- start from small things...
- ... but always aim high
- welcome everyone, like in a family
- make even silence meaningful
- believe in the strength of prayer
- believe in faith that makes the impossible possible
- build with humilty
- share the burdens of the other
- open to the other
- share joys and sorrows
- make good well
- share your time to understand its value
- work towards peace
- spread hope
- love life
- pursue frugality, but fill yourself with the love of God
- be a loyal friend of Jesus and His Spirit in front of God.

from Sermig rule

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