Our Arsenals

"And they shall beat their swords into plowshares,
[...] neither shall they learn war anymore."

Providence helped us transform a military arsenal into a house at the service of peace.
Wherever they are in the world, our houses shall be like the Arsenal of Peace of Turin. They shall be places rebuilt thanks to the free work of many people who decided to share their time. They shall be welcoming, but simple, clean and decorated with works of art, so that everyone, even the poorest, can enjoy Beauty.
They shall be open monasteries within the city, spaces of meeting and union and search for God, but also places in which to stop in order to get some refreshment, like ancient monasteries, open day and night to welcome whoever comes at their door.

Our houses shall support charity towards the people who are more in need, and they shall be open to whoever wishes to search for a meaning in their life. They shall be houses for young people, the adults of tomorrow, who suffer the wretchedness of our time more than anyone else.

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