Fidelity to the Church

"If you wish to live the gifts of your baptism within this community, like part of the Church, choose to be there not as you would be in any other place, but with your whole presence, sharing the teachings of Jesus and following Him with your love. The presence of God is sometimes difficult to perceive and experience, but it is however real. His son, Jesus, wanted it for us, to show us the path to His kingdom and announce the good news." 

From the rule: "Fraternità nella chiesa"

The bond that links us would not be so strong, if that with the Church and its ministers were not so deep. And our community would not be a resource in this difficult period, if it were not so deeply connected with the Church. We feel the same worries that our ministers feel. Fidelity to the Church is the basis of our choices.


Change is possible when you follow the chosen path with all your heart, when you do not just take gifts, but share them, with careful attention to the signs of our time. Thus, you learn how to understand great events of history, like small everyday things, as God would do. And you become able to search for the right answers to the problems of today.

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